lunes, 2 de julio de 2012


Por fin se han hecho estas bestias del blast un bandcamp donde han colgado su primera demo. Te la puedes bajar sin pagar o dando algo de panoja a la "chavalada", que los locales, cuerdas y parches no se pagan solos!

Del bandcamp:
Recorded At the end of January 2012 by David from La Caida at the ULISES LIMA/LA LETRA PEQUEÑA practice room. It was recorded in a morming. The vocals were recorded in less than an hour and it could be better, but anyway we like it. 3 of these trax are from our already release split 7" with FINAL CUNT, the other ones are just here. We made some cdrs from this demo and spread around. We started with this project just a couple of moths before, and the singer just one before...So we guess this stuff is not bad at all ...

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